Wyoming; Come and Marvel

My name is Yelena I am 29 years old. I’m about to begin my 2nd year of graduate school in advertising and I’m not sure if I am an closer to my goal from where I started. I spend a summer with Keith Cartwright at Union Made Creative. My skills as a designer continue to improve, but I am continually struggling with creativity. Mostly because, I’m mostly drawn to the abstract; a less popular genre in todays world. I’m constantly looking for my space in the industry and have changed my mind a number of times just trying to get here. ‘Good work’ is a foreign concept as ‘Good’ stands in context of a million things. Therefore as is, I would hesitate to settle for an app that writes your name out of puppies.

So… then…. what is my empahsis? What is my style?
If it’s abstract – I risk loosing many people because they would not understand me or the things I produce.
If it’s tech-minded – I would risk saturating myself into the digital world and drowning  there.
If it’s clean – This has a clear benefit – clean work can have  a very different presentation across the board and still Iive in one place. It would take some work on my part, however, as I do not naturally gravitate towards clean work
If it’s busy work  – then it might just come off looking like a big mess.

The advantages of minimalism is that it’s clean and could possibly communicate faster. The disadvantages is that it’s more difficult to make.  I think a good place to start would be to go ahead and upload all of my work and then take a step back…. so here’s one more project we did last semester for Wayne. So I give you the beautiful state of Wyoming.

Fwonderstore Fwy01 Fwy02 Fwy04


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