Day One

Do NOT become complacent. Complacency is death. I have a habit of imagining that my hopes and dreams are my realities. I have to work a lot more diligent then other people who may have good habits come to them naturally.

Things that work: Eating salad and drinking water pretty much every day. I’m thinking about formulating good habits and doing more things in my life. Before I didn’t even consider them. Excersises is on my forefront and also I’m familiarizing how many times I snack during the day.

Things I’m wondering: What does it take to overcome the barrier of not being able to nail good ideas. What would it take to get people to memorize me or get a good impression of me? How do I turn strategy into conceptual execution? How do I get get the very much out of this world every day that I live?

Things that don’t work: I still haven’t been able to wake up as early as I would have wanted. I still don’t read as much as I should or want to.

Things I want to do: Focus on creating something original at least once a day. Making something unexpected.  Work oh Shat What you Owe so that we can have a positive impact on showcasing people what they owe.  Keep working out – working out and being pretty can open  huge doors for me that I can’t even account for at the moment.

Focus on: Making. Staying in Shape, Making the Most of out Life. 

How? By waking up earlier to give myself the time to give myself the ability to make something.

By being very active when I think and trying out different thinking patterns that have been taught to me in the past.

By taking scheduled times to work. Start thinking abut the big picture of things. What do I want my life to look like now that I am out of school. What will our lives be like in the future? Start preparing for something that I really really want to come my way. Imagine that I already have it. One of those things are plethora of experiences. Also sending things to Shannon and for Sam. Write to Matt. Call Yulia tomorrow. Remember if it’s not hard it’s not worth it and that every little thing counts. All the good can happened. Send Ben a package. Make plans to do cool things and wait/ get excited about doing them.


I’m in the middle and there are lots of people around me. And they are looking at me and listening to what i’m saying.  Then I slip away into the ground no longer holding anyones attention. We wake up in the morning with money and freedom to do what we want. Especially if we are not financially bound. There’s people around us. Somehow some of the things that were always hard at one point aren’t really that hard anymore.


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