Jackie and I

It’s Wednesday morning. There are 17 draft blog entries in my blog. The last actual entry on June 11th with one person who liked it. I realized the other day, that it’s much harder. I’m distracted. Even though I’ve been alone and wake since 6am, I’ve consumed and processed what feels like a huge mass of thoughts and information. They wrestle in my head, trying to win over my attention. She wrote a novel, without even opening a book cover. In the background of everything I’m doing today, the film Jackie is quietly playing. What I love, is letting the frames of that movie seep in and out of my head. What I love, is thinking about women of power in our world and what they chose to do and how. Sometimes I wish I could take these thoughts to a person older than me. Someone just to have tea with and think. What does an older accomplished Art Director look like? Who is she? What does she think of Jackie?

There aren’t many listed in the Art Directors guild hall of fame. But then again, I haven’t nearly dug deep enough.


Tomorrow is my first review at work, and an opportunity for me to voice myself and feedback on my performance. I’d like to offer something unique to this process,  that can help me. As I am grateful for the help that I am getting in return. But I’m not sure what that might be.

Let’s make great work. Ideas are illusive. Just sit down and make. Today, if nothing else, just make.

Set a goal for how many thing you want to make and make them.

Then plan for tomorrow,
to celebrate, to escalate, to commit. The day is glorious and waiting for me, so I must go.


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