Recently someone who’s creative work I admire commented – “What is more trying than an aspiration?”

Reason being, is as aspirations are untouchables, and maybe for that reason, are often given up on easily. I have alot of aspirations, especially around doing creative work. In August 2013 I decided to commit a lot more of my time and effort to find out WHAT AM I GOOD AT? and HOW CAN I WORK IN THE ART/FILM/DESIGN industry? To answer this question I am doing the following things:

  • Launching deLIBERATE CONVERSATION web space  to track all my creative inspirations and to do more analytical writing about things I find that inspire me. (Aka, process slower)
  • Invite others to contribute this space and practice creative collaboration.
  • Meet as many professional people as I can doing cool shit and find out what it’s like.
  • Make Art/Design/Film/Photography

Visual, Social, Curious, Vibrant.
Russian/American girl. Studied health status of society for a number of years, achieved degree, spent a number of years dedicated to social service helping individuals with schizophrenia figure out how to tie their shoes or, how to find a way to fit into society or how to just live with the impossibly confusing impulses they get from their brain. In their home, in the psychiatric hospital, in the crack house. It grew hard, I left. Traveled to SEA for 3 months on the back of a motorcycle (htt://www.femmefaction.com), made short films (http://www.yelenasophia.com), started a flower business (http://flowersbylena.4ormat.com) And now, aspiring to break through as an art director and gain confidence in my own creative vision and make cool shit with cool people.

Standing in a dream world, daring to have an aspiration.



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